PMLN6588 120 Volt - 6 Unit Rapid Rate Charger


Charger for the CP200 and PR400 radios. The PMLN6588 is unique from the older style because it comes with charging adapters included. These charging adapters can be used on the CP200, CP200XLS, PR400, CP150 and you can now purchase the needed adapters to use the CP185 radios in the PMLN6588. An added benefit is this charger also supports the CP200D models.

  • Adapters included (with the exception of NNTN8460 for CP185 series)
  • Charges a wide range of batteries
  • Charges any chemistry of battery (ie: Li-Ion, NiCd, NiMH)

Compatible With: CP150,CP200,PR400, CP200 XLS, CP200D and CP185 with needed adapters.