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Call 1-866-605-8255 for your Portable & Mobile Two-Way radio rental needs or fill out the form below & we will quickly get back to you with a quote. Some temporary assignments might not warrant investing in your own equipment, such as two-way radios or pagers. But that does not mean your communication needs are any less critical. Renting radios makes it easier for you to reap the benefits of efficient communication within your event’s budget.

How Radios Will Benefit You

There are a variety of payment plans available that include daily, weekly and even monthly timelines. Renting radios is great for:

  • Short term projects
  • Disaster relief and emergency response efforts
  • Promotions and special events
  • Sporting events
  • Trade shows
  • Church or school events
  • Temporary support

The Benefits of Reliable Communication

  • Unlike cell phones, portable two way radios can guarantee clear and reliable communication.
  • No dead zones or dropped calls
  • Immediately gain access to your entire crew at the push of a button, no matter where they are at your event.
  • Talk to your entire crew at one time, or set “talk groups” to limit your communication to critical people