When you work in a large business such as a hotel or a resort, communicating with your employees can be a difficult task. A portable two-way radio has a limited range where it can transmit, and these transmissions can be interfered with by uncontrollable environmental factors.

Sometimes your Motorola two-way radios need a little help to broadcast at the range you want them to, and this is why your business needs a two-way radio repeater. Using the SLR 5700 radio repeater can boost the signal of your Motorola two-way radios and keep communication running smoothly in your large business.

If you want to make sure that your large business never suffers these sorts of issues, then you should rent the SLR 5700 radio repeater from Talk Two Way. Talk Two Way is dedicated to giving businesses access to easy, affordable two-way radio rental in North Carolina. Contact us today to find out how we can help fulfill your business’ communication needs.

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Motorola and Vertex are very protective of their pricing.

By logging in we can give you the best price that is often much cheaper than what the manufacturer recommends.

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