Motorola two-way radios are perfect for easy and instant communication on the job, specifically because they’re mobile. Motorola two-way radios are small and durable enough to be used in vehicles, on forklifts, or on a desk as a base station.

Available in both high- and low-power versions and everything in between, there’s a Motorola portable radio for your specific needs. Make the most of your workday with quality and clear communication with Motorola two-way radios.


Motorola two-way radios come with a variety of antennas, depending on the user’s needs. This means that no matter what you require in a two-way radio, Motorola can adequately and efficiently cater that need.

You can get the most out of your workday without the hassle with efficient and easy-to-use mobile technology. Find out how Motorola two-way radios can get you on the right track today.

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