Motorola VL50 Hands On Revew:

The Motorola VL50 models are known in our industry as Retail Business Radios. The name says it all, perfectly designed for smaller retail shops or office environments the VL50 is a basic yet reliable solution. The VL50 models are only made in UHF band. UHF band is ideal for indoor use and works best at going through walls and windows. These radios have 8 channels on them with over 100 eliminator codes. The codes basically help to filter out extra noise in the event that you had other radio traffic nearby, you can just switch the code and it eliminates traffic. A feature we thought was neat is that the single chargers that come with these radios have an extra slot for a spare battery. The charger can charge the radio with a battery attached as well as a spare battery at the same time. If users are in a quiet environment the VL50 also has a vibrate alert feature, this makes it easy to be notified of a call if you need to keep the office noise to a minimum.

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