Motorola SL300 Hands On Revew:

The Motorola SL300 is our favorite “Executive Radio Model” here at This amazing digital radio is under 1 inch think and super lightweight, being only 5.96 ounces with the battery included. There are two versions available, a two 2 channel non display and a 99 channel display version. The SL300 can operate at 3 watts of power in digital mode and 2 watts of power in analog mode. The display version has a quick jump feature which means users can ship ahead ten channels at a time if they have a large number of users. The display on this radio is pretty unique, the characters for the display are actually built underneath the housing of the radio. In the past when users had display models there was always a concern of cracking the display, but with this new unique shatterproof design there is really no screen as the info is underneath the housing. The means no more concerns of cracked screens. The stubby antenna and sleek design means you can easily fit this in a pocket or purse on the go. You really have to see this radio in hand to appreciate the design, ask us about a free trial demo so you can try before you buy.

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