Motorola MagOne BPR40 Hands On Revew:

The MagOne BPR40 is a great option for customers that need a basic and economical two way radio. This radio comes in either 8 or 16 channel versions. The MagOne is made by Motorola and is their most affordable high powered 4/5 watt model offered. It is also repeater capable, so if users have infrastructure onsite this model is capable of increasing its coverage via repeater system. This model operates in analog mode only, it is not digital capable.

The BPR40 offers a high/low power option which is programmable. This programmable feature can add a few hours to your battery life by using the low power setting. In the event that users require high power, all they need to do is simply press a button and the radio switches to high power mode. There are also many earpieces to choose from with this model, Motorola designates an entire MagOne BPR40 Earpiece line to this model radio. Contact today and ask us about a free demo trial of the BPR40.

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