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Amerizon Wireless Partnership


We have partnered with Amerizon!

Staying Connected During Severe Weather


We are often asked what the best options which are offered during emergency situations. We wanted to share some valuable info on how two way radios can help keep you safe.

Reliable Communications is Critical During Hurricane Season


Make sure you have reliable communications during the hurricane season this year. Learn how you can keep yourself and your team safe when disaster strikes.

The Truth About Two Way Radio Range


Learn the truth about two way radio range, including effects from terrain, battery strength and much more.

The Power of the New ​EVX-S24 by Vertex Standard


Vertex Standard has recently announced an all new digital walkie talkie, designed for the Education & Hospitality markets. The EVX-S24 units are a new slim lined compact radio that is built with a military tested housing. We tested them here at our shop located in Charlotte, NC, here's what we found.

Radio Static Issues, What is the reason?


Many customers contact us regarding static on their two way radios.

Do I Need Two Way Radio Licensing?


To date, there is a lot of bad information out there about FCC licensing and two way radios, so we thought we would help clear the air. You may be wondering, “Do I need a FCC license for my two way radio?” The answer is almost always “yes”. Now, there are a few times when users are not required to have an FCC license, and purchasing a radio such as the Motorola DTR 650 is one of them, which operates on a FCC license free band of 900 MHz.