UHF vs. VHF; What’s the Difference?


Many of our customers ask about UHF frequencies versus VHF frequencies and all wonder the same thing; which is better? The use of UHF or VHF really depends on the application.

Typically, UHF bands are in the 438-512 MHz range, which means these frequencies are best for indoor use. UHF band is best for penetrating walls, windows and concrete. If you are indoors and plan on communicating with a user that is outside, then we also recommend UHF band.

VHF band is in the 137-174 MHz range and is the preferred band for outdoor use only. VHF band is very popular with companies such as outdoor recreation providers, landscaping services and survey companies. For further information on UHF and VHF frequencies, contact Talktwoway.com online or directly at 866-605-TALK.

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