How Much Range Can You Get From Two-Way Radios?


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Today we wanted to address an important industry topic; two way radio range and distance. Most notably, there is one question that is the most popular concern we consistently receive from our customers interested in purchasing two way radios. How much range can you get from a walkie-talkie? The range will depend on a number of factors such as the environment, the radio antenna, radio wattage and battery life.

radioRadios are line of sight, so the more things that are in the way, the less the coverage. If you are in a building, concrete and steel will affect coverage greatly. Many 4 watt radios
estimate anywhere from 250,000 to 300,000 square feet for in building coverage, but this number is not guaranteed and could change depending on terrain.

Take for example the Motorola CP200D, a very popular digital two way model. We tested this radio here in our Charlotte office and found that with realistic coverage we received about a mile and a half of range. There are many buildings and trees around our office which had an effect on the coverage of the radio.

Other factors than can affect range are the type of radio antenna. The longer the antenna, the greater the coverage on a two way radio. Battery life can also affect coverage since it directly powers the radio. If you have a weak or old battery, chances are you are not getting the best distance out of your radio.

To sum it up, many factors will have an effect on radio range. We always suggest our free radio demo to address any concerns before purchasing. For more questions, feel free to contact
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