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Motorola XPR3300

SKU: XPR3300
  • 16 Channels
  • Analog or Digital operation (compatible with analog radios)
  • Repeater Capable (to increase coverage)
  • FCC License required
  • 2 year warranty plus 1 year extended service
  • IP67 & Military Tested C, D, E, F & G for most rugged durability
  • IP Site Connect Capable (with upgrade)
  • Linked Capacity Plus (with upgrade)
  • Intrinsically Safe option (with upgrade)
  • Enhanced Privacy (with upgrade)
  • Transmit Interrupt (with upgrade)
  • Built in Voice Scrambling for security
  • IMPRES Smart Audio adjusts levels for environment
  • 9.3 Ounces weight with IMPRES 1500 mAh battery
  • 20% better coverage and 40% better battery life over analog models
  • Voice Announcement
  • 4 watts UHF or 5 watts VHF power
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Not Sure Which Option To Choose?

Not Sure Which Option To Choose?

VHF band two way radios: Most VHF band radios are in the 136-174 MHz range. These types of radios work best if users are located outdoors. VHF band travels well in open areas that are outdoors or across small rolling fields. Examples of these radio users are landscapers, construction road crews, railroad workers and land survey companies.

UHF band two way radios: Most UHF band two way radios are in the 438-512 MHz range. These types of radios work best indoors, or if users are indoors and need to communicate through walls to a user located outdoors. UHF band radios work well at penetrating walls, concrete and glass structures. This makes them ideal for manufacturing industries, warehouse workers and hospitality crews.

** It is important to note that most two way radios require FCC licensing. For more info on this, please contact us, we can assist with the FCC license process. **

How to find my radio model number?

In order to make sure your old radios can communicate with new models, you must first locate your radio model number. You can find this by removing the radio battery. Once the model number is located, you can proceed with your radio order of the same make and model. Please contact us at 866-605-8255 for assistance.