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Motorola CP200 Range and Programming , Two Way Radio Range

Motorola CP200Of all the concerns we hear about using a portable two-way radio, the one that crops up most frequently has to do with range and reliability. Businesses that rely on two-way radios for their communication needs want to be sure that whichever radio that they use will be able to reach all of their employees instantly.

Motorola two-way radios offer both superior range and the type of reliability that businesses need to keep their operations running as smoothly as possible.

Get Superior Coverage with Motorola Two-Way Radios

For businesses that need their employees to communicate while on the move, there’s no better option than two-way radios with headsets, and there’s no more reliable two-way radio than the Motorola CP200D.

While it can be hard to determine the exact range that a radio possesses because of environmental factors, the CP200D boasts a massive 280,000-square-foot coverage area in a single-story building. And for multiple-level buildings like hotels, this powerful radio can broadcast up to 20 floors—that’s range that you can rely on.

The other factor that speaks to both range and reliability is battery power. If your two-way radio doesn’t have a strong enough battery, it won’t be able to broadcast at its full range. Luckily, Motorola radio batteries are both long lasting and powerful, meaning they’re the perfect solution to make sure that your CP200D is operating at its widest broadcast range.

Rent Excellent Two-Way Radios for Your Business

When your business relies on constant communication, you want to make sure that you’re using a two-way radio that has the widest possible range of transmission. Having a radio that covers your entire business is crucial, and the most reliable types of radio are Motorola two-way radios.

If you’re looking for reliable two-way radios in North Carolina, look no further than Talk Two Way. We offer the most convenient options for two-way rental in North Carolina and can provide your business with the communication it needs. Contact us today and browse our catalogue of excellent Motorola products.