Motorola is the most trusted brand for law enforcement in the country

The Benefits of Reliable Communication

  • Unlike cell phones, portable two way radios can guarantee clear and reliable communication.
  • No dead zones or dropped calls
  • Built-in scrambling to ensure no one else can hear your calls
  • Voice interrupt safety feature
  • Discrete text messaging optionality

Special Features of Motorola Two Way Radios

  • Backlight displays allow ease of use at night
  • Built-in flash lights allow multipurpose use wherever you are
  • Hands free ear pieces and headsets

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Why can't I see pricing?

Motorola and Vertex are very protective of their pricing.

By logging in we can give you the best price that is often much cheaper than what the manufacturer recommends.

We have made it very easy to setup an account and login without having to provide too many personal details

27 Items
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