If you have ever worked in the retail industry, then you know how crazy things can get around the store and the importance of keeping things calm for the customer.

Staying Organized with Portable Two Way Radios

  • When you are managing a retail store it can feel like you have to be in twelve different places at once. Portable two way radios will help you accomplish this feat as you are able to contact employees all over the store.
  • Stay in touch with the warehouse, the front register, and the employee closest to the issue you are trying to address, all while continuing to do the work you need to do.

Discrete Yet Durable

  • Slim, discrete radios allow your employees the communications they need without an unattractive, bulky look to the customer
  • The slim design makes it easier for your employees to carry and keeps the radio out of the way for the task at hand.
  • Motorola‚Äôs unmatched durability allows you to be discrete without worrying about the radio breaking on every drop.
  • Motorola also offers battery life well beyond industry standards, preventing your employees from losing power at critical times.

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