The need for real-time communication is critical in any industry, but as a pharmaceutical or biotech professional, you need to know your communication is secure. Sensitive information needs to be passed from coworker to coworker without worry.

The Convenience of Portable Two Way Radios

  • Hands-free communication options are found on many of our Motorola two way radios.
  • Lightweight designs allow you to wear the radio without it getting in your way
  • Motorola’s advanced battery technology means you won’t have to worry about your radio losing power on you throughout the day.

Advanced Security Measures

  • Private text messaging and private calling features are available when broad communication will not work.
  • Emergency signals and built-in scrambling allow for an advanced level of security while you are on the job.
  • “Transmit-interrupt” features allow you to deliver important messages in a timely manner, no matter how busy a channel may be.

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