When you’re not working, you might enjoy spending your free time outdoors. If you are biking, hiking, kayaking or camping, Motorola two way radios can enhance your outdoor experience by keeping you in-touch with your loved ones.

The Benefits of Reliable Communication

Whether you are in the great outdoors or at a crowded sporting event, we have all experienced the frustration of lack of cell phone service.

  • Unlike cell phones, portable two way radios can guarantee clear and reliable communication.
  • Stay in touch with friends and family so no one gets lost or misses and important event
  • Motorola’s rugged design allows our radios to withstand your most adventurous outings

Special Features of Motorola Two Way Radios

For those who are looking for a radio that can offer a little more than basic communication, there are Motorola two way radios that have integrated features, to make your user-experience more lively.

  • Backlight displays allow ease of use at night
  • Built-in flash lights allow multipurpose use wherever you are
  • Hands free ear pieces and headsets allow you stay in touch and not miss a minute of the action

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