When the power goes out, you need a radio that more first responders trust than any other.

Portable Two Way Radios and Communication

  • Immediately gain access to your entire crew whether in the field, at the plant, or in the office
  • Talk to your entire crew at one time, or set “talk groups” to limit your communication to critical people
  • Program your radio to make communicating to your critical contacts fast, easy, and SAFE
  • Enable direct messaging so you do not interrupt your employee during a critical task, but allow him to see important messages when it is safe.
  • Set up work tickets so you know the job gets done

Reliability and Durability

  • Motorola technology allows you to hear your employees loud and clear even when they are next to noisy equipment or machinery.
  • Durable designs allow our radios to withstand even the toughest environments.
  • Accessories such as belt clips and hands-free mics along with industry leading warranties mean you do not have to worry about our radios getting damaged.


  • Keypads
  • Large display screen
  • Two talk paths per channel to save on FCC licensing fees

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Why can't I see pricing?

Motorola and Vertex are very protective of their pricing.

By logging in we can give you the best price that is often much cheaper than what the manufacturer recommends.

We have made it very easy to setup an account and login without having to provide too many personal details

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