Keeping children safe is your most important job.

The Benefits of Portable Two Way Radios

  • Stay connected to your entire staff at the push of a button in case of emergency.
  • No dead zone and no worrying about dropped calls.
  • Motorola technology allows you to hear your employees loud and clear even when they are in a very noisy environment.

Functional Features

  • Transmit-Interrupt allows you to immediately override other communication and communicate with your staff instantly.
  • Extended battery life technology.
  • Lightweight design allows you to carry the device all day without discomfort.
  • Discrete options like vibrating notifications and text messaging.

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Why can't I see pricing?

Motorola and Vertex are very protective of their pricing.

By logging in we can give you the best price that is often much cheaper than what the manufacturer recommends.

We have made it very easy to setup an account and login without having to provide too many personal details

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