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Motorola CP200 Range and Programming , Two Way Radio Range

We are often asked by customers “what kind of range does a two way radio have?” The range of Motorola two way radios can be a complicated matter to figure out. The reason for this is that “range” is affected by environmental factors.

Motorola CP200

If you take for example the Motorola CP200 radio, this model is 4 or 5 watts of power and is estimated to have coverage of 280,000 sq ft if you are in a 1 story building. If the user were operating in a hotel with the CP200 radio then they would get an estimated range of 18-20 floors. Many factors affect the range of radios such as: the materials the buildings are made of, the temperature of the operating environment, the location (indoors or outdoors) and wattage of radio.

Another factor in two way radio range is the battery life. The battery is what powers the signal and if you have older batteries chances are your radio will have a weaker signal. If customers are looking to purchase new radios and they are not sure of the range then we usually suggest our free two way radio demo program. Thanks for reading and there will be more to come on two way radio range.

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